Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Indonesian Poverty : Eagle Eyes Perception

Looking up the pictures of all the President Candidates, i feel like it's too much. Democracy is not always by mean bringing up some ancient issue and putting Indonesian people as a victim of government failure. I don't really see that all the candidates able to lead Indonesia in the next 5 years period. If i may say, we need younger people who can interact with Indonesian society in politics and revolutionary change the Indonesian ancient system.
We should realize that educational system that we used based on Dutch System (even though little) and the law as well, that's really need to be change immediately. For sure, the quality of television broadcasting in Indonesia got way too far from its purpose (educate, inform) and entertainment got major portion on it, except metroTV as news icon. Over expose for the crimes news seems like taking a bad effect for those who watch the show. All the killing scene, students fight, drugs, and accidents are lead for those who want to act in crime as reference. Even that bad, what i see for the best show is about cheat seller who produce dangerous foods for elementary school students, it is on 'membeli penipu'. That show is really open people eyes to prevent and protect their love ones.
Poverty is always a problem in Indonesia. There are lots of uneducated people working hard building a tower, all the farmers, and those cheap employee. It is not that easy to change Indonesia for better life. Simple thing is just to change all the government system into open society control where people always know what the government doing and the impact for their life. All young people should open their mind, and eyes eventually for global jobs market. There are so many offer in the world for well-educated people such as Engineer, Physician, Nurses, Hospitality Industry, etc.
Working overseas is not that difficult! What the government need is to prepare and give well education for young people especially on foreign language. I never see in my life that government take a serious effort for those who work overseas as professional worker. All i can see just pain, pain, and pain from the news about unskilled worker (servant, housekeeper) that being abused and hurt by their Mistress (house owner). What a shame country if the next 5 years there are still lots of people live in poverty. I wish all the candidates understand and know what to do to make Indonesia better in the future, free from corruption, nepotism, and be country that got power to speak up internationally (hate about Malay military ship crossing Ambalat sea border), and leaving poverty into


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