Monday, June 29, 2009

Traffic Freaks : Nobody Listening :'(

I just can't believe how bad the traffic in Jakarta is. It isn't just the crowd, but also types of vehicle that used by the people. It's definitely because of the roads capacity that can't afford the quantity of the vehicles. Let see, there are motorcycles, buses, cars, trucks, Trans Jakarta buses, and bajajs. Millions of People use their own vehicles everyday to go to their work places and that make the traffic. I noticed that Mr. Sutiyoso as former Governor of Jakarta built Trans Jakarta public transportation to reduce traffic and limitation of private cars usage. In fact, that programs creating new problems due to the bus way track that reduce road path. It should been understood that Indonesia is development country and people don't realize to follow that revolutionary idea of former Governor Sutiyoso. It's not that easy to make disappear all of the motorcycles, private public transportation (bajajs, buses, etc), and limitation usage of private car and transform them into one nice simple Government Public Transportation service and taxi only as private transportation. Trans Jakarta should not make a special track on the road but it just need a guide liner and government should provide more and more public transportation to replace private transportation with Subway, Electric Buses, Mono Rail , School buses, and certain rules that people should obey with. I've never seen there're school buses for students, even in Capital of Indonesia. Also sometimes, i just get freak on the Free Way in Jakarta when it gets traffic.

It seems like nobody's care about it by saying it is not a strange thing talking about traffic, it just like something in common that people should enjoy and shut up about it. Government doesn't do anything better about traffic solutions, especially in Jakarta. All i can see is just crowd, pulutions, uncontroll, and for myself i always get headache everytime i use Trans Jakarta (people push each other to get into the bus). People parks their cars across the road and really become obstacle and make traffic. Economy problems are the major concern for Indonesia that give direct impact to the traffic in Jakarta. People from other provinces migrate to Jakarta for living, get a job, and some other purpose, that increase Jakarta's population rapidly every year.

Common thing happens also in Jogja. Jogja is one of the educational center In Indonesia with lots of Universities and Schools getting fast way in developing centralization. The major concern to reduce traffic is to reduce motorcycles usage. Motorcycles commonly used by students to go to colleges or schools and employee (private or government). Even though there's Trans Jogja (just about the same as Trans Jakarta only, there's no special track in Jogja within the road) but people don't use that as public transportation due to the long period of waiting, rare bus stop station, and poor ticketing system as well as bus route system. In florida i buy bus ticket on the bus by putting coins into the machine and the ticket itself valid for at least 8 hours (well it depends of what you chosen, you might buy a ticket that valid for a day, a week, and for a monthly basis we should get it from bus station directly or agent), it's about US$ 2,00 and really worth it. There's no guard needed just a driver, and the driver itself has a great equipment in helping elderly peope and disable people to get in the bus. There's no special tracks for the buses, not lots of motorcycles, but there's only special small track lines for bikecycle, and clean pedestrian. Pak Min always make a wish that we can do better in the future with no trafic headache, less pollution, and healthier life. Uenak nan….


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