Monday, July 27, 2009

All About Pemilu 2009

At first, many people believe that what we have done for legislative election was full of failure. Many news told us that there were unsolved problems just before the party began. Some of the elite politics said that there were a problem with DPT ( Daftar Pemilih Tetap ), logistic, and PPS staffs (Panitia Pemungutan Suara). DPT seems to be a ridiculous reason if it became public polemic, since in PEMILU people have their own choice whether they wanna participate or not (abstain). If people are talking about DPT, i might think that just leave it and change the system. Believe it or not, Indonesian people did cheating just like the way people think it is a normal thing to do. The best thing to do is just change the system and procedure, also respect those people who abstain. Every Indonesian people possess KTP or ID card, and that's the only tools that those people who can show their ID card can do it. You may say that it is a crazy thing to do, how many paper votes should government prepare in order to make the party success? The craziest answer will be ---> People get their ID card from their Kecamatan, each kecamatan has their own Kelurahan, and each Kelurahan has their own Dusun, so when people going to make their ID card, they have to get a recommendation letter from dusun, then go to kelurahan, and finally go to kecamatan for the processing. So, how many people can vote then? Of course you can check yourself in kecamatan and ask how many people own ID card and currently alive. Just as simple as that, forget about DPT ones and the important thing when doing the vote, PPS staff should record the paper vote with the person's ID card number and write it on the paper. Finally, when the counting begin, the announcer should tell who the voter is and what he vote for.
In United States, when people wanna process their ID card, they need to go to DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) administration office. The ID card itself commonly called State ID. On the card stating somebody's name, place and Date of Birth, id number, height, weight, eye, sex, hair color, issuing and expiring date. It also can be find just the same as stated on Driver License card. The process will take about a month, and it is reasonable to ensure that we are registered as US citizen or immigrant that legally approved to stay or live in the USA. Both of the US ID card can be obtain in one place which is DMV office. You may see major difference with Indonesian ID. It looks so simple and doesn't give major information such as height, weight, eye, and hair color. The process just simple and take about 3 days up to a week. Of course you can pay more for getting 'a quick Indonesian ID process' or another ID as you wish from behind the door.
Hope things are gonna be better and Indonesia could learn from another country in order to improve the government systems, procedures, and way of life for all of the Indonesian society. What can i say, Indonesia need a better change!!! It's not depend on our President, but each of the Indonesian people effort! MERDEKA!!!!!!


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