Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lets Fight Against Terorist


Noordin M Top, a Malaysian guy who are suspected to be the leader of Far East Asian Al Qaeda live in Indonesia and responsible for all of the terorist activities including bombing in Bali, J.W Marriot, Ritz Carlton, Australian Embassy, etc. Densus 88 as Anti terror police division hunted him and their followers for years but still they can't catch 'em.
For so many reason, Noordin M Top is protected by their followers just because they believe that what they've done and will do is totally bless by the Almighty God. As a Muslim, they do believe that every moslem in the world are brothers and sisters, which mean if any muslim get hurt, they will feel the same. Just like Iraqi war, there were lots of moslem people die as civilians and soldiers. It became doctrine for those who believe that all the pain the victims get, are their pain as well and it need to be fight back.


Those words means a lot. If i am a moslem, i should do what moslem do, like prayer, and "amar ma'ruf nahi munkar" or i should do a good thing for others and fight for what we think it is not appropriate according to moslem way of life. For example, If i am a moslem and i see a person drinks alcoholic beverages, and i know that the person also a moslem, i should do "amar ma'ruf nahi munkar", i can just simple advice him that what he did is not according to moslem way of life. If he accept my advice, it means that i do a good thing, but if he refuse it i can do next step which are using my hand ( sometimes it is considered warn ) until he realize and leave it, but if i can't do both of 'em, i can just pray to God hoping that he stop what he is doing and back to moslem way of life. The last action is the less points of goodness and can be done if what i did in previous 2 step fail for any reason.
In terorrist eyes, what a moslem suffered is the same feeling of what they suffered. If they see a country harming moslem people, they will fight back with what they have to manifest that, and suicide bombing sometimes become an option. Why world can't create a peace? Why there must be a war happening? Why couldn't we make a peace and stop violence?
Indonesia became the best place for Noordin and their followers because Indonesia has lots of island. Noordin's loyal servant will not change their mind even though there's a bounty for those who can show where Noordin's hiding. How can we catch him?
It is a complicated answer and i barely don't know how to start. In my opinion, Indonesia should do sweeping to every village in this country at the same time. Government should involve Indonesian people no matter what to manifest that. Sweeping can be done by a police, Ketua RT, and village security. The best time for sweeping is after midnite or early in the morning. Sweeping public transportation is important also but still it's not effective if Noordin and followers know already about it. Another thing is just Indonesian Government should make a new system for online ID card so that police can easily identify terrorist suspect by checking Indonesian ID card by picture id matching system. What else this country will be?
I hope Noordin and followers will stop their action and surrender their self to Indonesian police department and responsible for all the things happened. For Indonesian people, and for all the human being all over the world, i just wanna say " LETS FIGHT AGAINTS TERRORIST"!!!.


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