Saturday, August 1, 2009

Few Words for Friends


I never understand why Indonesian government so blind to see what happened there among Indonesian worker who lives under the bridge in Saudi Arabia. Seems like they don't care at all. Despite pointing who's right and wrong, but still they're Indonesian citizen who have right to be taken care of by Indonesian government to send them home.
We should know that some of Indonesian people don't have enough education and easily to get influence by others by giving an instant way in order to change their lives. Working overseas becomes best choice for those who want to get better income. Taking advantage of difference currency is really promising for those who never have appropriate income. Most people who live in poverty can live with cost only about US$30.00 a month and that's excessively far from appropriate meals and good life.
Government should understand to this matter and solve the problem as soon as possible. Stop sending Indonesian people to be slave for other countries. Indonesia should send their well -educated people who have skill and those professional people to work overseas only. Sending Indonesian people to work as housemaid especially those young girls to Saudi Arabia or other Asia countries just like playing roulette. Some of them have a good family who treat them well while others do sexual abuse even kill them. Most case like that just comes up to the news and never get any further follow up.
Indonesian embassy is not taking serious action to protect Indonesian people who work overseas. It is a really annoying to see those embassy staff accusing those people who live under the bridge just because they want to work illegally after doing Umroh, while other workers being sent away by their mistress just because they don't want to pay the maid. It is ot that easy to send them home because they are not a group of 12 people but they are more than 50 people. Of course it cost lots of money, and it is totaly government fault. Why???
Because they are a victim of living in poverty, they are not well-educated because they can't afford to go to high school or university, they are not having enough skill to work for better places other than become house cleaner, and because government can't give them prosperity. ManyIndonesian people become jobless just because they don't really know how to get a job. Most graduate people work for some companies as part of their lives even though they just get about US$ 300.00 a month. It just like a weekly shopping cost for Wall Mart or Publix, but in Indonesia it means a lot. People will agree if we say that we really need to punish those corruptor with dead sentence or 300 years of jail. They really make Indonesian peple suffered and live in poverty. People hates those government staff using red licence plate car parking at Malls at night. What the hack they're doing at night using government facilities at mall? Who cares ......-waton muni waton usul-


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