Thursday, August 27, 2009

Indonesia Vs Malaysia

New series of war should begin in finishing those countries conflicts. It's been long time ago Malaysia became parasite for Indonesia. It started with admitting some of the Indonesia's island, folklore (Rasa Sayange song, Pendet Dance, etc), and Batik. What would it be if in the next 10 years Indonesia vanished from its existence just because world only assuming that Malaysia has it all. Malaysian said that Indonesians are stupid people that can be easily abused and mentally grounded just because Indonesian Government will only make statement without any further action. Siti Hajar is one of the sample of what Indonesia government acts to solve the problem, just little sorry and that'll be no more from it. Should we say that war is not solving the problem then we can only say that we are Indonesian people who are nice, kind, and love peace so that Malaysia can have Ambalat island for free and take of what they wanna take. Indonesia need a leader who can do better not just act as statement maker. For some reason, Indonesia stamped by many countries in the world as terrorist country just because they could not arrest Nurdin M Top and destroy their communities.
Think it back and relax for sure. If i'm Indonesian dude who rich enough and able to buy some nukes and stealths i'll do little prayer to God and start bombing Malaysia just for one reason which is " I saw Noordin M Top in Malaysia and i help the World in fighting against terrorists by bombing Malaysia." It just like what America did to Afghanistan in searching Osama Bin Laden. Should Indonesia want to be proven as great country, they can just calm down and forget about it or simply said just leave it. Whatever Indonesians said to government, they can just simply ignore it.

' Let's make a better place.... For you and for me and the entire human race......'

What should Malaysia do to save their ass from Indonesians anger:
  1. Stop provoking Indonesians with doing stupid things (abusing Indonesia Raya song)
  2. Stop crossing Indonesia border line at Ambalat Sea
  3. Stop admitting Indonesia folklore and other culture inheritances for tourism benefits.
  4. Stop accepting Indonesians worker to work in Malaysia for Housemaid positions, other positions (manufacture, hospitality, etc) are okay.
  5. Apologize to Indonesian people and its government for what happening and what has been done.
What should Indonesia do? Just wait and see what government will say about the matters and try to make a peace of mind that war is not solving the problem. Should government will only make another statements for those issues, everybody should respect it and don't do any other actions. Indonesia should be proud to their leader as they choose the same person and really know what had been done. (Taken from public opinion)


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