Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make A Wish & Don't Let It Happens to You or Your Beloved Ones.

What it is like to live in Indonesia after Police stated that Noordin Top - Malaysian guy who responsible in doing terror in Indonesia - is still alive and around us? It makes some of the Indonesian people scared with unsecured feeling to live. However, we shouldn't be scare 'coz if we feel that way they will do more and more, repeatedly.

What it is like to be terrorist? Believing of virtual dream when they think that their community is doing a right thing based on their thought by assuming others people are enemies, become one of many reasons. Muslims are brothers, and as brothers, they should protect each others. If somebody doing wrong thing, as a Muslim, we should advice him not to do that; if so then we can use our hand to let him know that what he's doing is wrong thing and he should stop it; if we can't do that (because of many reasonable reason) we could just pray to God and hoping that he will be guided by God to stop what he's doing.

Make people believe and being a loyal servant in terrorism by doing doctrine and deep feelings of Muslims massacre and kills happened to Moslem people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and other countries. First, they will approach somebody by doing private meeting and Tausiah about Al Quran and AL Hadist quite in a place where people are not curious, usually it occurred in the evening time just after Isya' prayer till midnight. Somebody will be Baiat first to join the community by the leader (Ikhwanul Imam) by saying Kalimah Syahadat and promises including avoid zina, khamer, lie, etc. Then he started to get first doctrine session that he should not tell what he's doing and will do to anybody including wife, parents, or friends, etc as part of the Baiat in order to prepare himself for afterlife. He should believe that what he do is a right thing according to Al Quran and Al Hadist that he should get away from his Islam community ( as Muhammadiyah or Nahdlatul Ulama) and become their community which are now stay in a cave where normal people can't see their existence to grow the community. They believe that somebody out there (kafir) has found out the secret of Al Quran and that's one of the reasons that many western countries are intimidating Muslim countries to destroy them by killing and war (first doctrine). So, he should know what the secret is by reading Al Quran and translate it also explain it by adding some recent issues such as Earth Quake, Palestine Muslim massacre, etc. They also explain it by using audio visual and writing on the white board about many reasons why their feelings comes out after seeing other Muslims pain there in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Sometimes they show their hate feelings about what western countries did to Muslims countries. No matter how rich they are or how poor they are if they die, they will not bring it to their grave, and there's no other way except die as syuhada. They carefully do that to people who possess strong believe and live in Moslem way or those people who live in Pondok Pesantren, also young educated person in universities in Indonesia. They're different, they are nice people, and they can do anything to protect their Imam and they are around us. It won't take months or years to grow just because they have system that frightened their followers in the name of God by promising heaven afterlife.

We realize that the only department hunting for terrorist is Densus 88 and people really don't care about what happening previously until the last bombing action at J.W Marriot and Ritz Carlton. There's no other departments like FBI, CIA, or DEA in Indonesia, and it really makes us concern about it. Drugs abuse, murder cases, etc are all taken care by Police Department. Expert said that Police department didn't do a good job just because there are so many cases happening. What if like corruption cases handled by special department also murdered and there's special agency handling for intelligence matters. However, we do proud, gratitude and salute to the successful of Densus 88 in revealing the terrorist who planned and organized the bombing action at J.W Marriot and Ritz Carlton.

Remember, they are around us and could be your brand new friends, friends of your buddy, your neighbor, and could be your loves one. Indonesian terrorism is not only government responsibility, but it also our responsibility to minimize their environment influence by reporting immediate suspicious terrorism action to the local police or by calling 110 for police line and 112 for emergency.


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